Netgear EX8000 Wireless Range Extender offers a solution to boost your wifi range to an extent. It gives the same ultra-high bandwidth of Netgear’s X6 router, as well as other powerful routers. Without sacrificing speed, you can extend the range to cover all dead-zone of your house or office.

A Netgear Nighthawk X6S router has more range to cover a 2500 square feet home. Netgear EX8000 wireless range extender has similar technology and can also cover the same range. However, using two range extenders won’t give you 5000 square feet of coverage.

Netgear EX8000


On the back of your extender, you’ll find five Ethernet ports. In which Four of these are outputs, allowing you to connect your hardwired devices to the internet. One of them acts as a LAN port. The LAN port is designed to make the extender operate as an access point. This means that you connect the extender it to an ethernet cable network, producing an entirely new wireless network.

If you’re using Netgear EX8000 as a range extender, the only cable you’ll require to connect is a network cable. Instead of an Ethernet cable, the Wi-Fi extender connects to your main router through a dedicated backhaul channel. This is mange through a 4/4 ( which is also known as Quad MIMO) 5GHz radio. What this consider is that there is a dedicated channel on the 5GHz bandwidth.

Netgear EX8000 extender Features.

  • Supreme AC3000 Wireless connectivity: for giving up to 3Gbps connection.
  • Smart Connect: for securely connecting with WiFi band (5GHz or 2.4GHz)for every device
  • Multi-Connectivity MIMO (MU-MIMO): for concurrent streaming connection of data to every device.
  • Quadcore Chip: for extending hard-wired and wireless connection for better streaming and hassle-free gaming.
  • High-Performance Antennas: for great performance.
  • Ethernet Plugins: for connecting wired devices like gaming consoles, multimedia streaming set-top boxes, or smart tv’s  to your home WiFi network
  • USB Slot: for connecting your printer.
    Analytics Application for Android devices: signal strength, for optimizing your network and channel interference.

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Netgear EX8000 SETUP

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