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Let’s talk about the Netgear EX3700 Setup. As you may be aware, the function of a wireless range extender is to expand a WiFi network’s range to send it to corners that would previously lack it. So, if you are searching for how to setup Netgear EX3700, so you are on the right page. Over here we are covering the various way to connect the AC750 WIFI range extender with manual or EX3700 W.P.S setup. Furthermore, we will also discuss the trouble shootings steps of Netgear AC750 setup, Firmware update, and mywifiext login.

Netgear EX3700 Setup

Learn how to setup Netgear EX3700 with the WPS method:

  • To install Netgear EX3700, Plug the extender in the same room as your main router.
  • Turn on the EX3700 WIFI range extender 
  • Now push the WPS button on the Netgear Ac750. 
  • And then push the WPS button on the router/modem.
  • You will see the light start blinking on your booster and as well as on your modem.
  • Wait a few minutes to sync your devices with each other.
  • You will now see all green solid light lit up on the wireless AC750.

Note: If the 5 GHz bandwidth is supported by your current WiFi router, your Netgear EX3700 extender might attempt to connect to the 5 GHz bandwidth of your WiFi router, first pressing the WPS button. If your EX3700 Extender Setup does not work for the very first time with your existing WiFi router, during the Netgear EX3700 Setup, it will cause several problems. 

Place your Netgear EX3700 extender in a new spot, but make sure your range extender is in your WiFi router’s network coverage region. Try connecting the extended WiFi network to your laptop or smartphone. That is how you can use the WPS button to complete your Netgear WiFi extender setup.

netgear ex3700

Netgear EX3700 Extender Setup | AC750

Learn how to install the Netgear Ex3700 with manual method:

How do I setup my Netgear EX3700 with my main router?

  • To begin with, the setup Ex3700 Extender, plug it in into the power outlet.
  • Now on the backside of Netgear EX3700 connect an Ethernet cable.
  • Now connect the other side of your Ethernet cable to the wireless router.
  • Once connected, turn on any WIFI active device i.e phone, tablet or computer.
  • Open any updated web browser and type Ip Address.
  • You are now on the Netgear new extender setup page.
  • Follow the steps and enjoy the great with the AC750 wifi range extender.
Netgear ex3110 setup
NETGEAR EX3700 Setup

Netgear EX3700 Range Extender Setup | AC750

All such problems are very widespread and can be solved with expert knowledge. In order to get problems fixed within minutes, you can take advice from professionals from a specialized agency.

NETGEAR EX3700 Setup

When you buy a brand New Netgear extender setup, you will get a guide to the installation manual in the package. From beginning to end, Mywifiext.local manual includes a number of setup instructions. All you need to do is walk through the manual setup steps of the Netgear EX3700 to make your extender work in minutes. 

It is very difficult for non-tech users to understand these Netgear EX3700 Manual Setup Instructions, however. Therefore, the best way to install the Netgear EX3700 WiFi extender is to contact our experts. They will help you in an easy way with every complex step.

New Netgear extender setup

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