Netgear EAX14 Extender Setup

Netgear EAX14 Extender Setup article provides wide information to install your wifi 6 mesh extender while most people are getting trouble setting up their device. Our experts are allowing you to install your repeater on your own. Netgear EAX14 dual-band mesh extender is designed and manufactured for those who are irritated with Wi-Fi signals at another part of the house. You need to follow the Netgear Extender Setup guide and it will help you step by step to install your booster once you finish following the instruction your Netgear Mesh 6 extender will configure with your existing Wi-Fi Network.

While installing your Dual-band wifi Extender Setup, is a default URL for open the Netgear Genie Setup
It also recommends that the New device and your wireless router should be in the same room for the initial setup.

Netgear EAx14 Extender setup

Note: Once Extender is installed properly it will indicate you three solid green lights that means it is connected with your main Router and ready to use. after that, you can change the location of the extender as your desire place for eg:
* If you want to connect your T.V, place Netgear Eax14 extender near to the television
* you can place AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 mesh repeater where you get week signal from the Router
* One additional ethernet port also helps you to connect your device directly with the extender

Netgear EAx14 Extender setup AX1800


Step’s are below using Netgear installation assistant:

  • The extender should be connected to the power source.
  • Press the power button on the extender then it will show you one solid green power LED light.
  • Grab any smartphone or laptop in the wireless find and pair your device with the network name NETGEAR_EXT.
  • NETGEAR_EXT is the default Wi-Fi name for all Netgear range extenders once you are connected open the web browser
  • Type using the same device and it will directly take you to the Netgear Genie Setup page.
  • Now follow the On-screen instructions carefully to complete dual-band wifi 6 mesh extender setup.
    That’s how you can connect the Netgear Ax1800 Eax14 wifi extender to your existing Network using Netgear Installation Assistance.

Important Tip: Customers can access the Netgear AX1800 wifi 6 mesh Extender wireless setting anytime by login into at the top of the browser which gonna be help you to open the Netgear Genie Setup Wizard.

How to Setup Netgear AX1800 Extender EAX14 by Netgear Genie::

  • Netgear genie helps you to install your EAX14 Dual-Band Wifi Mesh Extender with your previous network.
  • If its in the range of a router and when the search is complete it will show you all neighborhood WiFi networks list.
  • You have to select your home Wi-Fi Network(SSID) which you want to extend and hit continue.
  • If your existing Wireless network is password protected so need to put the same credentials in Netgear Genie setting.
  • If your Router is capable of 5GHz Network, select the 5GHz network and press continue.
  • If your router doesn’t support a 5GHz wireless network please hit Skip in the Netgear eax14 Extender Setup process.
    NOTE: If you are still not able to connect with your Wireless Network or if you have any queries about Netgear Extender contact our expert they will assist and guide you through the instructions. Toll-free:

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