The first step in setting up a Netgear range extender setup is login, no matter what model a user has. Your web browser must be upgraded to the latest version to log into Also, to log in to your extender, your computer must have an active Internet connection. If you have already set up your extender, the login page for Netgear_ext will automatically redirect you to the configuration page for the extender.

Steps for logging into Netgear Extender Setup

  • Each electronic goodie is useless without electricity, so insert the power adapter of the extender into the electrical outlet or socket. 
  • Switch your WiFi system on and launch your favorite web browser, such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  •  It will automatically turn to the login page of for you. Note: Open the Safari web browser and type mywifiext.local in the web browser address bar if you are using a MAC or iOS device. 
  • To access mywifiext.local smart wizard, press the ‘Netgear extender setup’ button. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions listed above. Just turn your extender off for a while after completing the mywifiext.local process. 
  • Switch on the power and hold the system close to the router and allow the LEDs of the WiFi Extender to stabilize. 

If you ever experience any issues with your extender , feel free to contact us at via chat or email.


Netgear Wifi Extender Setup Page

  • WWW.MYWIFIEXT.NET is a web address used to access the configuration page of New extender setup or to open the Netgear Smart Setup Wizard on your Netgear WiFi Extender Setup PC computer. 
  • So you can claim that is certainly not a traditional website. With this cutting edge WiFi technology, Mywifiext setup range extenders were literally created to streamline the nature of your current device and extend it to sweeping spots.
  •  With each of the devices , for example, mobile phones , laptops, PCs and other WiFi-enabled devices, the cutting-edge WiFi extenders are built to offer fast WiFi speed and exceptional connectivity.
  •  This means that from your premises, you can make the most of your top choices, shows and videos, search and track important information. Holding consumers upbeat and steadfast is all. 
  • We are committed to your prosperity at New Extender Setup. That’s why we express the agreements and instruments that help to keep private and business customers connected and satisfied.
  •  For home connectivity, home media, protection and computerisation, and various portable arrangements, one may partner with us. 
  • We concentrate on the subtleties that you need to express financially savvy and scalable arrangements that contribute to an individual’s and the company’s growth.

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