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Very unfamiliar with the smart setup wizard of setup page? Not anymore! Let us introduce the said word inside out to you. Basically, it gives you a step-by – step guide to help you mount or configure the old one with a brand new wireless extender. Switch on both your WiFi booster and your device to access this smart wizard. After that, open any web browser and go to the login page for the extender by following the steps on this page (in the login section) above. Now, go to the Setup Wizard at and follow the instructions on it. But the road has a lot of obstacles! Here’s what you need to know about this. setup page

What does mean?

The first thing you need to be aware of setup page, if you are new to WiFi range extenders. Are you asking why? Well, let us inform you that it is known as the default web address for WiFi extenders and is used for various purposes. The first and foremost use of this web page is for the most recent extender installation.In addition, mywifiext.local has a wide range of features, such as customizing extender settings, Updating the firmware update, altering the network name and password, etc. 

The thing to remember here, however, is that mywifiext is not like other websites that you are looking for on the internet. Instead, it is just a web address provided to its users by the device manufacturer for a local extender login. The extender may then either connect via a wireless network or access it through an Ethernet cable. Let’s get to know its extraordinary advantages! Installation for Wifi Extender Netgear

The manual installation method of the Netgear extender is known as setup It offers you on-screen configuration steps to follow when you visit the setup page for your extender. That is why your WiFi range extender is often called a smart wizard for setting up. In this section, you will find instructions for accessing the local configuration page of mywifiext for your Extender: 

  • Tap on the configuration button for the new extender. 


  • Enter your username and password to login to 


  • The Netgear Genie Smart Setup Wizard will open after that. 


  • Follow the steps given on the setup screen of and set up your extender. setup page

These instructions, however, are very technical and are difficult for casual users to understand. So if you’re stuck at any point when accessing the setup page of mywifiext setup, don’t hesitate to get our technical experts’ immediate support. Within minutes, they will get your extender up and running.

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