When you try to connect to my wifiext to install your Netgear extender, sometimes you get an error message. It could happen because my is not a regular Internet web address. It is a local web address used to open the settings tab of your NETGEAR wireless range extender. Your main computer must be connected either by Ethernet or wirelessly to your NETGEAR extender to access

If there is a connection between the range extender, below screen will appear when you will visit my

my wifiext

If there is no connection between the extender. A user will see the following error msg when you will my

my wifiext error

If the internet connection is not working on your computer, you will the following error message:



If you see something other than one of the errors or messages above, make sure that you are entering the correct website address in your web browser. A misspelled or mistyped web address might take you to a fraudulent or a third-party website that attempts to steal your login information or asks you to pay money to access your wireless range extender. My wifiext will never ask for money to allow you to use the product that you purchased. NETGEAR also provides 3 Months of complimentary technical support of live chat and phone support following purchase from an authorized NETGEAR reseller. If you entered the wrong web address, close your web browser and click this website link to access the correct website: my wifiext.

Troubleshoot Issues Connecting to My Wifiext :

  1. Place your Netgear range extender into the same room as your main router.
    After installation is complete and you have a working connection between your range extender and your wireless router, you can move the Netgear extender to its preferred location.
  2. Power on the Netgear extender. And check that it is giving the green light.
  3. If your NETGEAR range extender connected to a laptop or a computer with the help of an Ethernet cable, make sure that device light is power on.
    If it is not power on, unplug both ends of the Ethernet cable that is connecting your Netgear range extender to your device and plug it in back again.
  4. In the top of your web browser’s address bar, enter the wireless range extender’s default IP address:
  5. If you still unable to access your My wifiext setup page, reset your web browser and try to re-open the website again.
    For more information, see How to reset the cache and browsing history on popular web browsers.
  6. Try also using a different web browser to check that the issue is not web browser related.
    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are free web browsers and are available for all major operating systems.
  7. Connect your laptop or desktop computer to the wireless extender via Ethernet cable.
  8. Assign your laptop or desktop computer a static IP address.
    Before you make any changes on network settings, note your current Default Ip Address or  Mac address. Use the default IP address and the subnet mask
    For more information about how to set up the static IP addresses, see the following knowledge base articles:
  9. How to assign a static IP address in Windows operating system.
  10. Assigning TCP/IP and Proxy Settings on Mac Operating system.
  11. If you still cannot connect to your wireless range extender, contact my wifiext Support to speak to an expert.

For further information about setting up and troubleshooting Netgear wireless range extenders or my wifiext setup, see the following knowledge base articles:

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