How to Resolve Netgear Error 404

Have you encountered the Error 404 while setting up your Netgear Extender? Well, you are not the only one. It is a common error and many people face the same issue. There are multiple easy ways to resolve this issue. Let’s take. Look at them.

How to identify Error 404?

Error 404 represents an HTTP status code which means that the website you’re attempting to access couldn’t be discovered at its source. You may see one of these messages-

404 page not found

HTTP 404 not found

404 error

During the Netgear Extender Setup, this message is received when trying to access ‘mywifiext local’ web page.

Why does this error occur?

Technically, it is an error at the client’s end. You either mistyped the URL or the webpage has been deleted from its server.

Alternatively, the webpage has moved to a new location without redirecting the old one to the upgraded one. In this case, users will get this error instead of being redirected to the new location.

So how to tackle this issue? There are a couple of different methods to resolve the Error 404 issue. Follow the below steps:

  1. Hard refresh the webpage:

To hard refresh your webpage, press Ctrl + R keys together. It will do the task. Also, a simple refresh also loads the Netgear login page sometimes.

  1. Use the correct DNS server:

Check if you’ve typed the URL correctly. In case there is a mismatch, the error will continue to show up.

  1. Delete the cookies and cache of the web browser:

Clear the cache, cookies and browser history.  Sometimes this also causes the Error 404 issue. See if the issue is resolved by refreshing your webpage.

  1. Change the DNS server:

Try to login to your Netgear wireless router using a different device. If it works, change the DNS server used by your computer. This should ideally resolve the issue.

  1. Contact your ISP:

Check if there’s any network issue at your internet service provider’s end. In case there’s server outage from their end, you need to wait till the issue gets resolved so you can access the URL again.

  1. Check for any injected or malicious files:

Check your system to see if there are any malwares or viruses stopping you from accessing your router website. If there’s anything found, remove them as they may be controlling the website and blocking its access.

  1. Disable the proxy server:

If the issue continues to exist, it may be due to the proxy server. To disable it, go to ‘network and sharing center’ on your computer. Then go to ‘Adapter settings’ and check for any proxy server or VPN. If there’s anything, disable it and then access your Netgear wireless router website.

  1. Browser compatibility issue:

Check if your browser is compatible with the website. I’m case it is not, try to access the login page using a private or an incognito tab of your browser.

  1. Factory reset your Netgear wireless router:

If none of the above options work for you, perform a factory reset on your router. To do so, locate the reset button on the device. Using a small point pin or a similar object, press and hold the reset button for a few seconds. Once it is done, the router will reboot and you can access your Netgear wireless router login page to connect the internet.

Follow these instructions and you should be able to login to your router login page and the Error 404 will get resolved. In case you still continue to face issues with the login, you can reach out to our customer care department via the toll free number or the email address given on our website.

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