How to Find the Password for Netgear WiFi Extender

Netgear is a San Jose, California based multinational company that provides hardware and services in computer networking. It is spread across 25 countries in the world. At Netgear, we provide networking hardware for consumers, businesses and service providers. We operate in 3 segments- retail, commercial and service industry.

Internet has become one of the most important necessities for everyone today. We use internet for a majority of the things, and are heavily dependent on it. Yes, there are good and bad both sides of the product, but if used wisely, it can turn out to be one of the most important tools for the betterment of the society and yourself. Internet is an essential tool for learning, skill development and personal growth of an individual.

In today’s times, we are heavily surrounded and guarded by a large number of passwords. Right from your phone to your E-mail accounts, your social media and networking apps, other apps and games on your phone and computer- all have some or the other password to protect your data and confidential information. Their passwords are of different types, combinations, characters, etc. They help you protect your privacy and security from others. Hence it is important to not forget your passwords or at least have strong and easy to access restoration options.

A WiFi range extender is an important device if you have a big house where the WiFi signal from the router does not cover all parts of the house. In such cases, instead of installing another router and WiFi service, a WiFi range extender works perfectly as it provides range from the router to the weaker parts of the house and distributes the signal evenly.

To access the Netgear WiFi range extender, you’ll need to login to the device using a web browser. Once you login, the extender will connect to the main router and perform its task of extending the range of your WiFi signal.

To locate your extender’s WiFi network password-

  1. Use a computer, laptop, or a wireless client that is connected to your WiFi extender via wireless connection or ethernet
  2. Open Google Chrome or any other browser
  3. Type in the address bar
  4. Log in with username and password
  5. Then click on Settings> Wireless
  6. Under General settings, check for WiFi password. If it says ‘same as existing network password’, the device is using the same password as your WiFi router. If it reads ‘Use a different password’, it will show the password type under Security Type and Network Key.

One of the methods from step 6 should work fine and you can start using your WiFi extender.

Ensure that the WiFi range extender is placed in a location that receives a strong WiFi signal from the main router. If it receives a weak signal, you might face issues with the WiFi signal you receive from the extender onto your device.

If you face any issues with any step of the process or with netgear wifi extender login, you can reach out to us on our toll free number+1-866-988-8965 or email address available on our website.

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