The manual installation method of the Netgear extender Setup is known as mywifiext.setup. It offers you on-screen configuration steps to follow when you visit the mywifiext net for your extender. That’s why it is often called a smart wizard for setting up your WiFi range extender. 

In this section, you will find instructions for accessing the local configuration page of mywifiext for your Extender: 

  • Click on the new extender setup button. 
  • Enter your username and password in order to login to 
  • After that, the Netgear Genie setup Wizard would then open up. 
  • Follow the steps given on the mywifiext.setup screen and install your extender.
  • However, these instructions are very technical and are difficult to comprehend for casual users.
  • So if you’re stuck at any point when accessing the setup page of mywifiext, don’t hesitate to get immediate assistance from our technical experts. They will get your new Extender Setup running within minutes.

Mywifiext.Setup: Smart Wizard Setup Smart Wizard is a step-by – step guide that helps to mount a WiFi range extension and configure it. You can control and set up the devices which are connected to your home or office network with Mywifiext.setup. You can say, in plain words, Netgear Installation Assistant. 

To create an account page:

  •  You need to access mywifiext.local and fill in the required details. 
  • Click on the button to continue.
  •  Fill in the key for wireless security. In order to complete the extender setup process, you can use a wired or wireless link.
  •  If you still face any problems while accessing the setup wizard for mywifiext local, please contact our experts.

Mywifiext.setup through Manual Method

The manual extender configuration process is for those who can not opt for the configuration of the WPS. This is because the functionality of certain routers is not WPS. In comparison to the WPS setup, the manual setup is somewhat tedious. 

You will need to go to the setup page to set up a brand new Netgear wifi range extender setup. For the manual setup, below are the step-by – step instructions: 


  • Link the power supply to your wireless extender. 
  • The power light on the extender will notify you that the setup process is ready to go through. 
  • Next, attach the extender with your router. Netgear_ext will now become your network name. 
  • Open up a web browser on your PC or laptop and link to mywifiext.local. 
  • After that, the login page for the Netgear extender will appear. 
  • Fill in the username and password for in the fields provided. 
  • Just click Continue. 
  • Additionally, select your home WiFi network and enter your password. 
  • By following the further on-screen instructions, complete the setup.

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