How Do I troubleshoot a Netgear Router Error Code 651?

A WiFi router is used to transmit the internet signals to your devices via a cabled network or a wireless one. It is important that the router receives and routes the internet connection without encountering any blockages. But sometimes the device may cease to function well due to various reasons. It is crucial to know this to fix the router issues in order to restore your connection.

Just like every other error code, router error code 651 is a common error that occurs at times. This issue occurs when the device reports an alert and the WiFi connection gets dysfunctional temporarily. The best way to tackle the issue is to resolve it at the root level so that there are no further issues.

What is Netgear router error code 651 and why does it occur?

This is a common window error which can be fixed easily. It’s a common error which occurs when any connected device or the modem notifies an alert. It is also called ‘connection failed with error 651’.

Although this is a common error that occurs at times, it can get frustrating as it needs to be fixed to restore your internet connection.

Let us take a look at different ways to fix the router error code 651:

Reconnecting the router and other connected devices:

1. Turn off your router

2. Wait for about 5 minutes and turn it back on

3. In vase you’re using a LAN cable, unplug it and then plug it in again

Reset TPC/IP on your Computer:

1. Ensure that you have the administrator rights while logging in to your windows

2. Open the command prompt and now you need to type “Netgear Router Login Care

3. Hit the Enter key

4. Restart your computer

This method usually resolves the issue. In case this doesn’t work, try the next method

Re-establish the dial-up connection:

1. Go to ‘network and sharing center’ and click on ‘change adapter settings’

2. Right click on dial up connection or broadband connection and click on ‘create copy’ option

3. This creates a copy of your current connection

4. Delete the old connection and re dial the new connection

Restart your computer in safe mode and disable the antivirus software:

Sometimes your antivirus may cause the broadband connection to disconnect. To resolve this issue, follow these steps-

1. Reboot your computer

2. When it boots, press F8 key for ‘Advanced boot menu’

3. Choose ‘safe mode’ from the options on the screen and press enter

4. Once your computer starts, log in using your administrator account

In case this method doesn’t work, disable the firewall/security software in your computer.

Perform a clean boot:

1. In the start menu, search ‘msconfig.exe’

2. Click on it and open windows configuration

3. Click on the first tab ‘General tab’ and select ‘selective start up> load start up items

4. Go to ‘services’ tab and select ‘Hide all Microsoft services’

5. Clock on ‘disable’ to disable all other services

6. Restart your computer. Your clean boot process is complete.

If none of the above options work, reach out to our customer care department or send us an email for Netgear extender login . The contact details are available on our website.


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